DJ Y-Not

Know that in hiring DJ Y-Not you will be bringing an experienced and powerful DJ whose goal is to make his client extremely satisfied.

Tony Roach, one of the most demanded DJ’s in Charleston SC, goes by the name DJ Y-not.  The DJs name is derived by reversing the letters in his first name. DJ Y-not  began his career at 19 in Charlotte, North Carolina although his roots start in White Plains, New York. He now resides in Charleston SC where he has made a successful name for himself as an entertainer.

DJ Y-not has worked with international DJs, at corporate parties, weddings, charity events, as well as a number of bars and clubs.  DJ Y-Not’s library consist of over 50,000 songs meaning that he is one of the most versatile DJ’s in Charleston and will tailor your event to the criteria that is desired. His skills make him truly an authentic DJ that persists on delivering his very best performance every time he steps behind his turntables.  DJ Y-not’s performances have impressed many including the Los Angeles, California based The Club Bullies who extended an invitation to join their musical collective. DJ Y-Not produces his own mixes in which his techniques are very clear. DJ Y-Not mixes along more information can be found at

  • Uncle Sam Jam, Charlotte NC
  • Phil’s Tavern,  Charlotte NC
  • Dixies Tavern, Charlotte NC
  • Grand Central Bar, Charlotte NC
  • Charleston Fashion Week 2011 featured performer, Charleston SC
  • Bebe Fashion Shows 2008/2009/2010, Charleston SC
  • Biton Fashion Shows 2009/2010/2011, Charleston SC
  • Opening act for Ultra Records DJ Steve Smooth for 2012 Charleston Fashion Week, Charleston SC
  • NV Dance Lounge, Weekly residency Charleston SC
  • Suede Supper Club, Weekly residency Mount Pleasant SC
  • Boys and Girls, Charity Event, Mount Pleasant SC
  • White Tuxedo Events, Weddings, Charleston SC
  • Atlanta Falcons Ovie Mughelli 2009 Birthday Bash,  Mount Pleasant SC

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